sounds in motion // plots, plans.

dear Sackville, dear SappyFest,

thank you for introducing me to taco tuesdays, for trusting me to drive your car in neutral, and for inviting me to see you perform at the legion. thank you for pointing me in the direction of the marsh, the waterfowl park, and the old broken bridge, and showing me silver lake and the joy your dogs experience when swimming. thank you for asking me questions on the radio, and braving a hurricane to go to George’s Roadhouse for the breakfast special, and testing out the new Ducky’s patio with me. thank you for calling me “darling” and “dear,” for letting me sing to you individually in the music hall, and for trusting me with a key. thank you for lending me guitars, and lending me microphones and patch chords, and for listening to me so intently when i sang for you.

i can’t wait to share all of the songs i have written over the last couple weeks.

don’t get your hopes up.

(see you in august)


DIRECTED BY Andréa de Keijzer
  SHOT BY Jorge Weisz


Thanks to Adrian Vieni of Wood & Wires Productions.

cover by the one & only layne hinton.